Fiber to Homes

Net Neighborhoods: Fiber connections to Springfield homes

Providing state-of-the-art fast internet service to homes and businesses is a priority goal for the City of Springfield as outlined in its Springfield Telecommunications Enhancement Project (STEP) plan.

Providing affordable broadband internet to homes requires significant investments in infrastructure and has been a stumbling block for years. To address this, SUB created Net Neighborhoods, an innovative public-private partnership that combines SUB’s existing publicly owned infrastructure with an Internet Service Provider’s (ISP) knowledge of market potential to increase community access to high-speed internet.

Under the Net Neighborhoods model, ISPs identify neighborhoods for expansion and build connections to it from SUB’s existing fiber network.

The first Net Neighborhood connected via this progress is the Ambleside neighborhood in northeast Springfield.

To check the progress of future projects, see our Net Neighborhood Projects page.

August 9, 2018 – Springfield Utility Board green lights first local fiber-to-the-home project. XS Media has been awarded a construction contract
for the Ambleside neighborhood, ushering in a new era of expanded consumer internet choice in Springfield.